Tell me more about ENVY Jewellery


What training and support will I get from ENVY? Of course! You do not need to be an experienced salesperson, computer whiz or jewellery guru to be a successful ENVY Consultant. We provide all the training, tools and support you need to run a successful business. You will have personal coaching and support from your Sponsor, as well as meeting other Consultants at ENVY. The Head Office provides regular training events and support as well as 24×7 online tools. Further, twice a year our conferences provide you with business training from experts and other experienced Consultants.

What is the Product Guarantee? All of our beautiful jewellery pieces are covered by a 365 day warranty against manufacturing defects. If a customer experiences a problem with their purchase it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. We offer free and easy returns and exchanges within 365 days from purchase. Also, we offer rapid, affordable shipping of jewellery in gift ready packaging. Our customer service team is standing by to provide assistance via phone or email. For more details click here.

What is the earnings potential beyond personal sales – do I have to build a team? How far you take your ENVY business is up to you, the business is completely flexible. If you decide you want to earn more, all you have to do is book more ENVY Parties, sell more product one-on-one and grow your online sales customers. Further, if you want to grow beyond personal sales, you can bring people into your team, coach them, and earn from 3% to 12% on their sales. Your party Hosts and customers are typically your best prospective Consultants as they have shown interest in the brand/product and have seen the success you have achieved as an ENVY Consultant.

Who works at the Head Office? With ENVY you are not in business by yourself. Skilled individuals dedicated to supporting you work in Head Office! From product design & manufacture, to Marketing, Accounting, Stock Management and Technology. Head Office takes care of all of this so that you can focus on what you love to do best! Plus, you get to meet staff from Head Office on our regular coaching and training meetings, our 24×7 videos and through our interstate events.

What does an ENVY Consultant do? An ENVY Consultant sells our exclusive collection of fine jewellery either one-on-one in person, through in-home parties, and/or online. You are in control. You decide when and where to sell, how much time to put into the business and the benefits you desire. You create a business that fits your life and goals.

Could I be a successful ENVY Consultant? Successful ENVY Consultants typically have passion, desire and discipline. If you love helping others, want to build a business that fits with your life, and you enjoy helping others to achieve their goals, then ENVY could be the perfect modern solution for you. Simply show our beautiful jewellery to friends, family and other colleagues in-person, at a party or online and you are on your way to building the business you desire. There are no special skills required; all you need to achieve success is the excitement and desire to show off your jewellery range in an intimate, friendly setting. It’s as simple as enjoying a few afternoons or evenings out each month doing parties. You will enjoy amazing support from your Sponsor, the Head Office and plenty of online tools and training videos. Looking for other ways to be involved with ENVY? Shop online, be a party guest, or host a party to get free jewellery.

How much can I earn as an ENVY Consultant? Its entirely up to you. Your efforts and activity will create the earnings you desire. You’ll love ENVY Parties big and small – with some generating a few hundred in sales and others in the thousands. Consultants can earn 20-40% commission on their personal sales. If you choose to build a team, you can earn from 3% to 12% on your sales of your team members. Some Consultants are happy with earning extra spending money for themselves and their family, while others earn a six-figure income.

How can online sales help me earn even more? When you join as an ENVY Consultant, you instantly have an online business presence via our company website where your customers can order online and you still earn the same attractive commissions/rebates. Simply direct your customers to the company website. You can also use Facebook and other social media and online tools to showcase new items, post ENVY Party photos, and keep your customers excited about ENVY and its stunning jewellery collection.

How many hours do I need to work as an ENVY Consultant? At ENVY you only work the hours you choose based on your goals and desires. You decide how much or little you want to do to achieve your desired income. Some Consultants have outside jobs and work casual to part-time hours each week, others make ENVY their full-time work – it’s up to you.

Getting started

How much does it cost to start an ENVY business? You can start as an ENVY Consultant with as a little as a $150 deposit and selecting one of our Starter Kit Options (view details):

1. Business Builder Kit for $600 OR 2. Basic Starter Kit for $199; Once you join, you receive everything you need to succeed: including your jewellery samples, business supplies, training and support. We work with you to help you quickly become profitable and make your ENVY business simple & fun to fit into your busy life

How do I get product samples? Easy, simply sign up as a Consultant and choose one your Starter Kit which has all the product samples you need to get started. We also offer regular monthly promotions that give Consultants the opportunity to achieve free and heavily discounted jewellery.

How do I arrange my first ENVY Party? Not a worry. Remember you have thousands of dollars of free Host and Customer jewellery to give away, so just list the names of people in your various social circles that could be your first ENVY Party hosts. Consultants usually start with their relatives & friends, and from there learn how to book parties at parties. We provide the training and tools to help you succeed. Your friends simply provide their home and friends, while you bring the jewellery and Look Books for a casual, no-pressure private viewing of our stunning jewellery collection. Customers get our stylish affordable jewellery and FREE gifts, Hosts earn FREE jewellery, and Consultant earn income on the sales at the party – its as simple as that.

How do I get paid? You get quick regular income with monthly pay into your nominated bank account from all of your personal sales, as well as from the sales of your team members – its that simple

What makes ENVY different to other companies? We design our own range of irresistible fine jewellery that is both beautiful and genuinely affordable sold through Consultants at home parties, in-person and online. Hundreds of Consultants are living the independent business career that so many people just don’t realise is available – and loving it. So can you. We are a high growth company with a large and growing market opportunity in both jewellery and direct selling. We would love to have you become part of that growth.

Why does ENVY choose to sell through parties? We see a clear opportunity to modernise the old party plan business for today’s modern lifestyle. ENVY parties offer a hands-on, personalised, social shopping experience with no pushy salespeople. Instead, an ENVY party is a casual, fun, presentation-free way for friends to get together and enjoy a private viewing of our exclusive jewellery collection while getting FREE rewards & advice from Consultants & friends.

Can you tell me more about your jewellery? As designers with over 30 years experience we are meticulous when it comes to producing beautiful fine jewellery. You can be sure each piece of ENVY jewellery has been crafted to the highest possible standards by which all others are measured. You’ll find beautiful necklaces, sparkling rings, gorgeous bangles, stunning earrings and so much more. Half our range is $100 or less making it easy to update with new season trends and to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

What is the company culture really like? ENVY is committed to making a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others. As a result, at ENVY we work with Consultants to make each other better than when we started.