Tell me more about ENVY Jewellery

Common Questions

Where are the jeweleries made?

Who makes your jewellery?As designers with over 30 years experience we are meticulous when it comes to producing beautiful fine jewellery. We design each item in our studio in Sydney, and you can be sure each piece of ENVY jewellery has been crafted to the highest possible standard by which all others are measured. Plus you can feel good about your purchase as shopping with ENVY is the ultimate way to shop local, supporting work from home, independent business owners in your community – our ENVY Consultants.

What is the price range of your jewellery pieces?At ENVY we believe everyone deserves to enjoy beautiful fine jewellery without spending thousands. Our beautiful jewellery are priced so that everyone can find a piece within their budget.

How often do you offer new products?All the time! While we introduce 2 major lines a year, we release additional collections and designs throughout the year. You can always discover something new at an ENVY Party. PLANNING YOUR ENVY PARTY

How far in advance should I plan my ENVY party?3-14 days in advance. We find that people know their plans 3-4 days from now more than they know 3-4 weeks from now. Your Consultant will help you select the perfect date.

How many guests do I need to have?We love ENVY Parties big and small, and are grateful for every chance to style guests. Our Consultants conduct ENVY Parties from 4-6 up to large gatherings of 30+.

What forms of payment are accepted at an ENVY Party? We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Consultants may choose to accept cash or personal cheques at their parties.

When will guests receive their orders? Our jewellery typically arrives within a week or less in irresistible, gift ready packaging right to their door! Consultants bring samples for guests to try on, but do not carry inventory. Guests give the Consultant an order to process directly with ENVY. On occasion, Consultants may have discontinued items for sale to take home.

Is my apartment too small?ENVY Parties are regularly held in studio apartments! If you have a kitchen counter top or coffee table, you have all the space you need. We are all about connecting with friends in a warm, personal environment.

Planning your ENVY Party

What should I do about invitations?Your Consultant will help you with every detail of your ENVY Parties. We recommend that you email and save the date, and work with your Consultant to mail personalised paper invitations to your guest list. We have a collection of invites, reminders and even videos to get the word our about your event.

Can I have food and drink at my party? What should I serve?Of course! We suggest light appetisers and drinks. Nuts, chees and crackers, or biscuits are popular options. We encourage you not to go overboard with food, keep refreshments super simple. People are often so busy trying on jewellery that they don’t eat much at ENVY Parties.

What if my friends can’t make it? You will never find the perfect date where everyone can attend. No worries! If friends can’t make it, they are still able to shop your event online. Typically one half to one third of invited guests can make the event.in person.