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Hello word

Hello word

Why wait to get started…

Start your jewellery business on your terms with the support you need to succeed. Receive your BUSINESS BUILDER KIT (total cost $600) with an initial deposit of $150, which includes 30 pieces of jewellery and all the business supplies you need. Contact us to find out how you could also receive over $1,000 worth of free jewellery in your first 90 days.

Business Builder Kit


Kit includes 30 beautiful pieces of ENVY jewellery and the necessary business supplies, plus all the training and support you need to succeed.  


Luxurious Overseas

Every 6 months, all ENVY Consultants have the opportunity to go on an amazing retreat to a highly sought-after international destination. To date, ENVY Consultants have travelled to London, Las Vegas, Paris, LA, Barcelona, Rome, and The Greek Islands to name a few. Click the link for the next incredible destination.

Envy Retreat

Monthly Promotions
& Incentives

In addition to excellent rebates on personal and team sales, ENVY offers regular monthly promotions to encourage customers and hosts with special offers. For ENVY Consultants there are regular monthly incentives like free jewellery and other luxury items.
ENVY truly is a highly rewarding experience for all.

FREE Jewellery for
Customers & Hosts

While many other companies charge their Consultants for host rewards and free gifts for customers, at ENVY it’s all on the house. ENVY provides all the hosts rewards, the host half price jewellery, and all the free gifts for party guests at no cost to ENVY Consultants.

Free Gift offer   HOST REWARDS

Guidance, Training
& Support

The team at ENVY are there to support Consultants every step of the way. There are excellent regular training and development programs offered free of charge to all Consultants in conjunction with the highly regarded Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA).

Meet some amazing women
who have achieved success with ENVY

  • Ellie Francis

    Gold Executive

    After 8 years in the corporate world I knew I wanted my life back and finally found the courage to make the move! I chose ENVY as the company – it had it all! A unique quality product, a friendly family owned business, outstanding customer satisfaction, regular training & support and THE most generous rewards for Customer, Hosts and Consultants. Everyone wins with ENVY!

    As a Consultant you get to choose your hours and your income and to share this opportunity with others. At ENVY, I get all of this as well as the privilege to work with a dynamic team of like-minded women that inspire and excite me! Maybe it’s time for you to make a change in your life and be inspired and excited by all ENVY has to offer!

  • Meryl Perks

    Gold Executive
    South Australia

    I love being an ENVY Jewellery Consultant. It is the best career decision I have ever made. My career with ENVY Jewellery allows me to live a lifestyle I just love! Showcasing our amazing collection of fine jewellery, having the opportunity of overseas travel twice a year and an income I could never have earned in my profession as a teacher…

    All this and more whilst never ever missing an important moment with my two beautiful children, because I choose when and how much I work. I really do LOVE it! Live a life you love… Ask your ENVY Consultant to show you how.

  • Kellie Roberts

    Executive Manager

    I have 9 years experience in the direct selling industry, however, I only joined ENVY in August 2012! Why ENVY? Because it’s an Australian-owned family company and after 12 short months I knew that my family was truly important to them too. I am a valued member: no matter what my career plan status, ENVY offers (what is in my experience) the most generous career plan out there and, of course, who doesn’t love bling?!

    I have financial freedom to live comfortably now as well as getting set up for our future. I have flexibility so that I don’t have to miss out on being a mum, time for my husband as well as “me time”. ENVY has been the best move for me and it will be for you too!

  • Lorraine Lehman-Jones

    Business Manager

    My journey with ENVY began 3 and a half years ago – little did I realise I was in for the ride of my life financially and that I would be seeing the world for FREE. Since joining, I have achieved every 5-star retreat on offer: New York, Rome, Venice, Scotland, London, Las Vegas, Paris, Barcelona and Canada. I have also achieved amazing rewards for FREE including a Louis Vuitton handbag, an iPad, two mini iPads, a MacBook Air, a $1,000 shopping spree and countless bottles of Moet!

    I have worked very hard for myself in the past as well as for other companies and I have never been rewarded in the way that ENVY rewards me. So the answer is simple – come join us! Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that I LOVE the jewellery!